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Are Mormons Persecuted?

Posted by nebula0 on August 23, 2008

Okay, so I’ve already complained about certain ex Mormons (oh I’m sorry, ‘recovering’ Mormons, too much jello I guess) so it’s only fair that I alienate more people by complaining about certain Mormons in a like way.  Certain Mormons, many of them, need to grow a thicker skin, really.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  Back when I went to the university, I used to love to watch street preachers coming onto campus, and my absolute favorites were these guys with giant signs condemning all kinds of people to hell.  They condemned homosexuals, people who love plants more than God, creators of motherboards (yup, odd huh?) and so forth.  Not surprisingly, Mormons were on the sign.  Now it would seem like with many people condemned to hell on the boards, that Mormons would be on the sign too wouldn’t be the biggest shocker.  Yet, I saw more than one Mormon girl walk away in tears, her sensitive feelers all hurt because the mean street preacher didn’t think she was a Christian.  Naturally she expected the other Mormons to feel sorry for her.  I say: duh.  Next, she would claim that she’s being persecuted, and the strong manly men who gathered around to pat her back would agree, those street preachers are persecuting them!  I hope you agree with me: that is NOT persecution.  Persecution involves getting killed, tortured, or at least discriminated against legally for your beliefs.  Mormons, in their past, had periods of persecution, but even then, hey, they fought back, and you know what?  The way Joseph Smith liked to conflate civil, ecclesiastical and military power, he was kinda asking for it (not that innocent Mormons caught in the cross fire were asking for it, they weren’t).

So I say, even if a street preacher is such a meany as to get garments and even if he were to stomp on them, or drag around a Book of Mormon, in protest of a temple dedication, or General Conference, or the Manti pageant, it’s not persecution.  If you think it is, grow a thicker hide and grow up.  Expressing disagreement, even if it is expressing strong disagreement, does not qualify for true, feel sorry for me, persecution.


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