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My Temple Experience, part 2

Posted by nebula0 on August 24, 2008

I noticed hits and searches about the endowment ceremony (understandably so too) so I figured I’d better continue on with my story and not leave people hanging for too long.  Part one is filed under ‘My Experiences’ if you need to access it.  Also, I explained at the start of Part one what my purpose and intent is in relating this experience.

Okay, when I left off with part 1, I had garments and recommend in hand and was approaching the temple.  If you’ve never seen a Mormon temple up close, now is a good time to do a search on them and get a look at a few (take a look at http://www.mormon-temple-ceremony.com/ if you want).  Alright, so I got hrough the door and right as you go in the doors there is a reception desk manned usually with older folks.  They looked at my temple recommend, by now just a little sheet of paper that they folded up for me and put in a little plastic card holder.  I am ushered into a waiting area.  Now if you’ve never been in a Mormon temple you should know that it isn’t what you’d expect.  It’s not like a cathedral, with a grand worship hall inside.  Temples are divided into a bunch of smaller rooms, usually ornately decked, sometimes tastefully, usually not, with what I think are rather corny paintings of Christ all over the place.  So I’m waiting in a smaller room, carpeted, no windows with my companion.  A lady comes to take me to process my paperwork.  Like all temple workers, she’s dressed in all white, she’s wearing a nearly floor length white skirt, white stocking and white shoes.  I discover that hidden away in a corner are a bunch of desks with computers all keeping track of the records.  Mormons love their records, really love them.  She sticks a label to my shirt to indentify me as a newbie.

Next I am taken to a counter where I rent temple garments.  I forget how much it costs me, but they cover it this time, since I this is my first time and all.  I get a floor length dress, stockings, white slippers and a little white sack full of mystery presents.  Through the sack I can make out something green.  The next step involves going up the escalators and up to the dressing room floor.  When I get up there a new set of ladies take over to help me out and they lead me to a special dressing room off of the main locker room area.  I’m given something called an shield which is basically a big piece of white cloth with a hole cut out in the center- that’s for my head.  These days the sides are sewn up, but not then.  I then get butt naked, put on the shield, try to keep the sides closed with my hands and am led to a new little area to wait.  Here I encounter another newbie, a middle aged woman, with a startled look on her face.  I give her a goofy grin, and we both wait, trying to hold our shields shut.  I’m led to a new area which involves four little rooms constructed out of white cloth dividers each with a temple worker inside.  As I go through each little room, a different blessing is said while the workers (all females) touch different parts of my body with a little bit of oil.  It is often wondered if the workers actually touch, you know, down there, but they didn’t on me.  They touched a little below the navel to represent my ‘loins’.  By the time I get to the last station, the lady helps me into a pair of onesie garments used just for this part of the ceremony.  I had officially received my garments and had been anointed and blessed.  I am instructed to take off these onesie garments, too big for me, and put on the garments I just bought.

Here is what garments are like.   I got a sort of silky type of material, and they were actually really comfy.  They go down to right above your knee, and the top is capped sleeved with different kinds of neck cuts, depending on the kind you got.  There are two marks right on the nipples, a little square and compass, Masonic style (little symbols sewn into the fabric with white thread), a little slit mark (again, sewn in with white thread) about where the navel is, and a little slit mark right at the bottom of the garments on the right leg, supposed to represent hitting the knee.  I am then instructed to dress in my white dress, white stockings and white slippers.  I get my little sack of goodies and am led somewhere new.


part 3 to come


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