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Random Musings on My Experiences as a Mormon

Posted by nebula0 on September 6, 2008

Today being Friday, combined with being sick, it seemed like an appropriate day for lighter fare.  So I’ve been thinking back on those seven or so years I spent being a Mormon trying to recapture the taste of Mormon life.

Some things I liked:

– Meeting weekly with faces I recognized, light chitchat in the hallways

– Dressing up on Sundays.  I enjoy dressing up.

– The challenge of mastering the entire corpus of the Mormon scriptural canon and the feel of the big, leather-bound quad in my hands.

– Finally being called to teach a Sunday School class!  Unfortunately I only got to teach once before getting married and going to a new ward.  I loved reading the lesson in the manual, and then discarding the whole thing and merely using the general theme as an inspiration.

– Being involved in missionary discussions.  I enjoyed missionary work, tracting with missionaries, and of course, debating.  I enjoyed defending the Mormon position to people on and off line.

Things I didn’t like:

– Home and visiting teaching.  Snooze-ville and a complete waste of time.  We all read each other the same lessons we ourselves read to give to others.  It was all very superficial and never made a meaningful difference.  Of course, everyone called on the 29th of the month in order to make themselves look good on paper.  Really, so pointless.

– General Conferences.  Over the years I felt more embarrassed by them and the level of discourse being aimed at 2nd graders.

– Relief Society.  Yup, I hated Relief Society- for the most part anyway, it was my least favorite meeting.  The women had a tendency to equate deep spirituality with a propensity to weep at every corny, cheap emotional story they ran across.  [Ironically however I enjoyed being a counselor for the Relief Society presidency.  I liked participating in some kind of leadership role, even if rather circumscribed.]

– Family Home Evenings in the single ward… let’s just say I only attended a few of these.  This usually meant boardgames with social outcasts.

– No coffee.  It’s true, I love coffee on several levels.  I love it because it reminds me of home in a very intense way.  Growing up, hearing the coffee maker going in the morning and smelling hte coffee meant my parents were around and always spurred me out of bed so I could join them.  I grew up drinking coffee with my family and giving it up symbolized an unwanted, if unintentional, rift that occurred between us when I became a Mormon.

Well, that’s enough for now.  Being a Mormon includes so many of these tidbits, always in constant flux between the pros and the cons and it’s not until leaving that I realized just how saturated my life was with… well… Mormon-isms.


2 Responses to “Random Musings on My Experiences as a Mormon”

  1. Seth R. said

    I went Home Teaching yesterday.

    I took the current First Presidency Message from Henry B. Eyring (current First Councilor in the Presidency) on “If Ye Are Not One, Ye Are Not Mine” (I’m sure you recognize the scriptural reference).

    I assumed all had read the message or would read it, so I didn’t spend to much time re-reading what Elder Eyring wrote. Instead I used it as an opportunity to explain the idea of theosis and how it relates to Mormon scriptures.

    I have fun with Home Teaching anyway. Don’t know about you.

  2. nebula0 said


    Sounds like you do have fun with it ;). I always hated it. I actually requested not to be taught during visits with a lesson, it always felt so stiff and formal to me, besides without exception compeletely unenlightening… but, when it comes to that stuff, whatever floats your boat?

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