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More Comments on Women and the Priesthood

Posted by nebula0 on October 7, 2008

This is one of those hot button issues in the LDS church that usually brings about the silent treatment from most Mormon women if brought up.  The truth of the matter is, most Mormon women are busy enough doing other things that they don’t care, at least, not too often.  And, it isn’t as if Mormonism is alone in having sexist doctrine (in the most technical sense, doctrine which gives special privileges to one person but not the other based on their sex)- look at conservative Christianity.  Most conservative evangelical churches do not countenance the notion of having a woman senior pastor, the Roman Catholic Church does not allow for women priests either.  Mormons would be fair in pointing out these facts when discussing this issue: hey, we’re not the only ones who think that ecclesiastical power ultimately should be located in the hands of men, and with women only under the supervision of men.

With that being said, let me open this up, why is this the case?

I’ll start by venturing a few thoughts:

– the first is that women are traditionally, and biologically, busy with children.  You can imagine this beginning when a woman is nursing a small infant, and from there having the role as primary care provider.  This is usually the case around the world.

– the New Testament suggests that men are to be leaders (remember that line about elders being the husband of one wife?  that certainly suggests that the elders were men!).  Even if there were women deacons and apostles (and there were definitely deaconesses, perhaps women apostles) the norm was men as the leaders.

– the New Testament also spells out that good wives are submissive to their husbands.  There are so many different ways to interpret this and give it nuance, but the essential core remains: the man as the ‘head’ of the family.  This naturally extends itself into ecclesiastical life.

– either by culture, biology or a combination of both women are perceived as more ‘sensitive’ and emotional than men, not making them not as attractive as leaders in any extensive sense (think bishop over the ward, and even prophetess over the church).  Not just men hold this opinion of women by the way, women hold this opinion of other women extensively.  Is there truth to this?


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