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Unity or Disunity?

Posted by nebula0 on March 24, 2010

Oftentimes it is the groups which seem the closest to us in beliefs that cause us the most concern.  The reason that so many Christian groups have ‘anti Mormon’ missions is just because of that.  Mormons use the Bible, so do they.  Mormons talk about Jesus Christ, so do they.  But the differences are also as great and these Christians want to find a way to emphasize that to their members and outsiders.  What would relieve this tension?

At this point, I can only speak for myself.  Despite the fact that in theory Mormons and I both share a battle against secularists and the atheist movement which has tried to take over the public sphere, I cannot endorse Mormonism.  The main issue, which I have spoken about elsewhere on this blog, is a theological one, the nature of God.  If Mormonism became truly monotheistic, not even necessarily trinitarian, I would feel more comfortable.   Other issues which I find personally bothersome, such as the undue emphasis on obedience to the hierarchy I could file away as an issue for Mormons in-house deal with.  That is one reason I would not be a Mormon but not a real reason for me to hesitate over whether or not to call Mormons Christian and therefore on my team.  But the nature of God is too fundamental. 

Mormons will always get grief from some, if for no other reason than there are a lot of jerks out there.  But Mormons already have a notion of the necessity of Christ for salvation which is surely a basic ingredient to any Christianity.  They need only now abandon their early theology in an official and public way that God the Father is one of us, all grown up, and I think they will find themselves more fully embraced into the Christian world.  The reality is, most Mormons are pretty well monotheists anyway and it’s only a matter of time that, if for no other reason than ignorance of Mormon theology, Mormonism as a belief system will officially register this change.


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