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Posted by nebula0 on March 1, 2015

It’s been a while. Years in fact. Every now and again I get an email about some comment or ping back. I decided to look one of these up, discovered I was quoted, and also took note of an unfortunate grammar error in my writing. How can I live with that? This is no doubt a result of my aversion to editing my own work, but at least that post got an edit.

I haven’t posted here because I profoundly lost interest in Mormonism. A lethargic, lazy indifference has taken hold on the topic so deep, in fact, that I am moving to give away my books on the subject. I am of the position concerning God and related topics that if God exists, such a being must certainly be beyond our cognitive faculties for discovery and understanding. Somewhat related to this philosophical move I am going to graduate school for physics. While I continue to be fascinated with the human proclivity to religion, I finding myself compelled to learn about what can be discovered about nature. I am finding this latter opportunity more satisfying than the former because the latter involves answers that are, more or less, yes or no. It is something I can really cut my teeth on. You may speculate, you may guess, but in the end nature vets all physical claims. There is no such vetting in religion, or even religious studies often for that matter.

In ways, my opinions on things have gotten a tinge more cynical. But, it is an even handed cynicism for religious organizations in general, not particularly targeted at Mormonism. More and more I see religion as an outgrowth for human maneuvering for power. It is a secondary outlet for status achievement. The reason I suspect this, more than favoring opinions having to do with striving for metaphysical answers, is because seeking deep meaning doesn’t require these organizations at all. In fact, given the fluid nature of explorations about the meaning of life, the universe and so forth, and the rather static and unbending nature of these organizations, it is very unlikely that one even readily responds to the other. As far as that goes then, I view the existence of most religious organizations as at least mildly unfortunate, if not inevitable. The psychological need for status in some community is strong enough that if not ‘the Church’ (whichever that may be) that impulse would merely be directed at some other venue.


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