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Maybe you’re wondering what I’m all about.  You may notice that some of my posts seem all over the board, some critical of Mormonism, some critical of ex Mormonism, some just plain out critical.  Then again, some are informational and more or less neutral, and some relate parts of my story in what I strive to be a more or less neutral manner (as much as possible when relating a personal story).  So here it is, I was a Mormon convert, remained in the church for about seven years, and now I am an ex Mormon.  I left the church because I found that my theology is fundamentally at odds with Mormon theology.  You may wonder what church I belong to now, the answer is, none at the moment.  I describe myself as a general believer in God, not to be flippant, but because I am sincerely looking at my options and have not decided where I best fit in. 

In those seven years as a Mormon I married one, and am now related to many wonderful, active Mormon people whom I love and respect.  As a result, my reflections on Mormonism are somewhat chaotic.  Honestly, some days I feel more positive about it, and other days more negative.  Some days I am tired of thinking about it, but I know in my heart of hearts I’ll never be done with Mormonism completely.  For one thing Mormonism is a fascinating American phenomenon with a truly unique theological system.  I am genuinely fascinated to see what will happen to it.  Will it blossom into a world religion?  Will it become an evangelical wannabe?  How will its growth curve react to the identity choices made in these next decades?  I can’t wait to see.  On the other hand, I’m forever linked to Mormonism now, and even on those days in which I feel the most negatively about it, I know I have the church to thank for meeting my future mate.

You may doubt that a non Mormon, an apostate one at that, has any business speaking about Mormonism with any kind of authority.  But why just trust Mormons?  Not that they aren’t trustworthy people, but we all have biases, and Mormons have a bias, whether they intend to or not, to paint everything in ways that they think you would find attractive.  Luckily, I am free from that particular bias.  When it comes to my presentation of Mormonism I draw on my academic training and research to give you the truest view of Mormonism that I can muster, and whether you find that attractive or not is up to you.  When I’m not presenting Mormonism for the purposes of presenting basic beliefs, but rather giving my personal rant on a random topic, that will be painfully obvious.  These posts I have labeled as “Reflections” and may be chaotic, over the line, loopy, and depend on my mood that day.  Don’t be afraid to critique them.  The other posts including “My Experiences” I make an attempt to be evenhanded and give you an accurate portrayal of things through my eyes.

I see the whole point of having a blog as giving my honest reactions, so no doubt at some point or another I’ll step on someone’s toes.  That’s not my intention, but it’s bound to happen if this is going to be an interesting endeavour at all.  Don’t be shy about sharing your reflections too.


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  1. Hello. I’m hoping you can help me with my first novel, which revolves around a Mormon missionaries whose schizophrenia erupts on his mission.
    I’m in the part of my book where the missionaries are bumping into different types of people out on the daily journeys. I want them to meet a homeless crazy person and I want them to meet some blue-collar hicks. Do you know of any YouTube videos or book or magazines that record such meetings?

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